VOLUNTARIADO PERU - BRUCE PERU: Educacion para los niños de la calle.



In Peru, for the many school age children not attending, we have developed a very successful means of educating them up to the standard of children their age who are in school. We prepare them to pass the entrance for the grades they belong in. We help pay their registration fees, uniforms, class materials. Then we support them
in school for two years: until they are well launched on their way education.
The challenge: 26% of Peru´s Children, the poorest, remain uneducated]
Bruce Peru at the UN
Thanks to Nancy Global health authorities now know we are combining health care with teaching to effectively help many street kids.
Palmer RN (on behalf of Schoolcraft College)
Presenting the medical programme of Bruce Peru to the WHO (United Natiobns - World Health Organisation)
The Ministry of Education have invited us to install our informal schools for at-risk children, which the Ministry of Education has until now been unable to reach, within sellected primary and secondary schools. We agreed to operate a pilot for two years, and thereafter have worked: in several public and private schools in Peru..
Bruce  opens to help the poor children if Chiclayo
The venue was the July 2008 WHO nursing conference held in Israel and attended by health care officials from 33 countries.. Nancy and her husband, Tom Palmer, MD, have conducted annual clinics for our children and parents beginning in 2005.
Medical clinics set up at Bruce Peru centers in Cities where we educate street kids.....Volunteering at Bruce Organisation - what it is really like.....At WHO conference Bruce Peru health care for  at-risk children recognised.

Our centre in Chimbote was opened in the Summer of 2006
Our first rteacher in Chimbote
Twenty years ago Peru was the world's largest exporter of fish and fish products.
Twenty years ago Chimbote was the world's largest fishing port.
But then the fish went away. Little by little once rich and proud Chimbote slipped into decline and poverty;: now it has one of the highest unemployment rates in South America: and street kids.

Our First School in Chimbote, Fe y Alegria 14
Our First School in Chimbote, FyA 14


A city of 400,000 - is still an active fishing port (much diminished from itspeak, 1980s), Chimbote is now divided between new wealth and poverty. Our job is to find its unschooled children and get them educated. Chimbote is the 7th Peruvian city where we have served poor children.

New Bruce Peru Centre, Miraflores, Lima, Peru This month we hosted a medical team from the USA,, here to treat some of our poorest children. They held clinics in 7 of our neediest communities, treating over 100 children each day. More than 700 patients treated & saved at least 2 lives.
Volunteer life at Bruce Peru's Volunteer Life at Bruce Peru - Photos of volunteers who have served or are serving at the various centres of Bruce Peru. Also photos of some of our children in class, & at play.
Our artistic volunteers in Lima find new ways to annimate our students Orohan girls in Chiclayo helped by Bruce Peru volunteers
Puppet show in Lima
Bruce Peru children studying to be ready to enter school
January through March (summer holiday down here) we prepare 5 and 6 year old children - those who are so poor, abandoned or abused they would not be able to go to school if we don' find and help them..We give each centre a target how many children they miust get into school. 2006 = 350 (exceeded by 196),Our target for 2008 will be 800 kidsn in March, up to 200, July.
Our "DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR STREET CHILDREN" icampaign s catching  on.
Our campaign: "DON'T FEEL SORRY FOR STREET CHILDREN!" is still working in centres where lots of international tourists are encountering Peru's child laborers on a daily basis.The object of the campaign is to recruit volunteers from the tourist population who visit Peru each year,
February & March 2008 - Registering the children from 2 terms in our 2 Chimbote Schools: They are now ready to enter the National Curriculum. Return in a few days to see them all, and in their new school uniforma. Full Story
Villa Maria School
Fe y Alegria School
4 groups of children are being registered - here 1/2 of one.
Julicia, Teacher and co-ordinator in Chimbote.
Follow up is paying off for Bruce Peru kids already in school
Many children not in school live in the barrios of Chimbote: the largest city in Ancash Provence, is now one of Peru's poorest.
With lots of help from our friends, well, Hunter's friends, we intend to open our project in Chimbote, within the next few weeks - where our volunteers will go out to satellite centres in Chimbote's barrios, and there they will help some of Peru's poorest children.
MAtrons of Trujillo knit baby clothes for BrucePeru pregnant teens Some Peruvian matrons have joined us in knitting baby clothes for the expectant adloescent mothers in our Delicias project. Their work is beautiful - one of them is the former owner of one of the countries' finest knitwear
Bruce Peru opens to help the poor children if Chiclayo The Ministry of Education have invited us to install our little schools for very poor children within sellected primary and secondary schools. We have agreed to operate a pilot in one school, and if the relationship works: will consider others.
Full storyBruce Peru Volunteers open Palmeras Children's Centre 01.05
Paying homage to some recent volunteers at Bruce Peru Celebrating the contribution special volunteers have made to the poor children of peru. Our program is beeing led by a team of talented dedicated and fun volunteers. In the next update we hope to be able to include more volunteers who deserve to be here.
Full story
Bruce San Sebastian Vs Bruce Santiago in basketball Sports day in Bruce Peru Huaraz
Street children need  help...... Street kids,
..........They come to us
..........as they are;
we make of them
..........what they let us
they crave love, need direction......ready for school